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Object Investigation Activities

Using Stories for Learning

You can use the two audio files below,  the two video films and written summaries of each story (found in the following chapters) as a starting point for lots of literacy based activities.


The stories of Amelia and Aquila below have been created by a scriptwriter and actors. They are based on real people, objects and events and the factual evidence we have about them. Because we can’t know exactly what was said and done at the time, the dialogue has been fictionalised. 



We have made up the story of Ipi and the Shabti, but again some of the events described are based on true historical events, documented by the ancient Egyptians and by historians over the years.




Where else do we get evidence from?

Well, objects in museums can tell us a lot – take a look at the Learning from Objects section in this resource to find out more. 

  • Fact and Fiction - Listen to or watch the films/audio of each of the stories. Which bits are factual and which bits are fictional?