Teachers' Notes

Resource created by Leeds Museums and Galleries Discovery Centre, in collaboration with Emily Sanderson.

Delve into the West Yorkshire Hoard - one of the most signifiant medieval archaeological finds in the Leeds area.


Curriculum Links

  • KS2 History:  Britain's settlement by Anglo-Saxons and Scots.
  • KS2 Art & Design: The work ofa range of artists and craft makers.


Discussion Ideas

  • What things make a piece of jewellery more or less valuable?
  • In the medieval period, jewellery was often used to show wealth.  What kinds of objects and possessions do people use today to show how rich they are?
  • Do you think it’s right that people have to ask landowner permission to carry out metal detecting on their land?
  • Do you think that anyone should be allowed to metal detect, or should it be more strongly regulated?
  • What do you think happened to the hoard?
  • Why do you think someone might hide their valuables and never come back for them?


Activity Ideas

  • Design your own jewellery or amulets based on medieval designs.  Use the information sheet on the properties of various gems in medieval times to help you.
  • Draw a collection of things that are precious to you, which you would hide in a hoard.  Write a note to put with your hoard, to explain why you are burying these items - what are you protecting them from, or what personal situation has made you feel like you need to bury them?
  • Create a comic strip or animation that tells the story of the hoard.  Think about:
    • Who owned it
    • Why they buried it
    • What happened to them which meant they couldn't come back for it.
    • How the hoard was then discovered
    • See this animation about the discovery of a Viking ring for inspiration.