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Pull-Along Toys

Clockwork Toys

A New Clockwork Toy

Modern, Brightly Coloured clockwork toy clown.  he wears a blue and red striped jacket, yellow, green and pink checked trousers,  He has a blue bowler hat on his head and two drums and drumsticks.
Modern Clockwork Toy Clown

This modern, brightly coloured clown is a clockwork toy.  If you look closely at the picture, you can just see part of the key on his back.  He is made of metal. 

What do you think he does when he is wound up? 


Close up view of toy clown  beating his drum.  he wears a blue and red stribed jacket and has two drums.
Toy Clown Beating his Drum

(The clown beats his drums and sways from side to side.)

An Old Clockwork Toy

This toy clockwork tiger is from the 1960s. It is made of metal and has a soft, fleecy, tiger skin coat and a blue fabric bow tie. 

Can you see the key? 


1960s clockwork toy tiger beating his drum
1960s Clockwork Toy Tiger

When wound, this tiger sways backwards and forwards and beats the drum, which makes a 'rat-a-tat' sound.

The tiger must have been very carefully looked after because it still has its original box.