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Moving Toys

Pull-Along Toys

Hansom Cab

Victorian pull-along toy Hansom Cab pulled by horse.  The cab is black and there is a footman standing on the back.  The hose is brown with a golden mane.
Victorian Pull-along Toy Hansom Cab

This Victorian toy Hansom Cab is made of metal. The cab driver, perched behind the cab, can be removed.  Just as children today play with toy cars, the Victorian child played with the equivalent toy vehicle!



1950s pull-along xylophone toy by Fisher Price.  It has 8 bars which are all painted different colours of the rainbow and rolls on red plastic wheels.
1950s Pull-along Xylophone Toy

This toy dates from the 1950s.  When pulled along, hammers beneath the rainbow coloured xylophone strike the purple, bright green and orange bars, creating a musical sound.  Many different materials have been used to make this toy: a wooden frame, plastic wheels, metal xylophone and ribbon for pulling along.


Fire Engine

Pull-along fire engine dating from 1980s.  Stickers on the front and side show illustrations of two firemen and two children.  The truck is red with yellow wheels.
Pull-along Fire Engine, 1980s

This plastic fire engine, dating from the 1980s, is now sadly broken.  At one time it had a colourful metal xylophone on the roof (imitating the ladder on a real fire engine) and space for two 'hammers' to strike the xylophone.



Wooden Pull-along Clown Playing Xylophone.  The clown has a beater in each hand to hit the xylophone with.  He has orange hair and wears a yellow hat.
Pull-along Clown Playing Xylophone

This brightly coloured modern pull-along toy is made of wood.  When pulled along, the clown moves his arms up and down and strikes the bars.