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Clockwork Toys

A Battery Powered Toy

This is Norbert, the dragon from the Harry Potter books. Norbert uses batteries to power his movement. The batteries are fitted into a special place underneath his body. 


Norbet has a green plastic head and feet and material body and wings over a structure.  His wings have a gold edge.
Norbert Dragon Toy

By touching him in different places he can make a range of movements and sounds. For example, Norbert can close his eyes and snore; he can roar and breathe fire, spread his wings and even get hiccups! 


Norbert the dragon has his head on the floor and his eyes closed.  He is green with dark scales and a yellow trim to his wings.
Norbert Dragon Toy

What do you think he might be doing in these pictures?

Norbert the dragon has his eyes open and tail out straight.  He is green with darker scales and a yellow trim to his wings.
Norbert the Dragon Toy