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Teachers' Notes

Resource created by: Hull Museums, Harrogate Museums and Arts, Yorkshire Waterways Museum and The North Yorkshire Moors Railway.

Curriculum Links

  • KS1 & KS2 Science: Forces
  • KS1 Design and Technology: Evaluation of past and present design and technology

What's in this Resource?

  • Explore how transport has developed through time 
  • Use the image gallery to view, print and display high quality images of historic modes of transport from our collections

How can it be Used?

  • Whole class as a white board activity to support a transport related topic or Science / Design and Technology sessions
  • As a pre-visit activity to prepare your class for a visit to the museums
  • As a post visit activity to develop and consolidate what your children have learnt

Activity Ideas

The following activities can be downloaded from the Resources section:

  • Old Versus New Activity Sheets
    Use these activities to encourage your class to investigate the effects that design, technology and science have had on transport through time, using two examples: the car and the bicycle.

    The PDFs include full-colour images of vehicles, questions relating to them and background notes for teachers. Use this resource to encourage children to develop their understanding of design and how materials have changed through time.
  • Transport through the Ages card game (PDF)
    Play this downloadable 'Top Trumps' style game to act as a stimulus for learning about transport past and present. There are 12 cards in all (two to a page) which can be printed, laminated or pasted to card and cut out.

    You can also download Guidance Notes for the 'Transport through the Ages' card game with instructions on how to use it.