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Horrockses Yard Works

Lipton's Grocers

Look at the picture of Lipton's Grocers and then use the discussion ideas below to explore this image.


A line of men and women and three children standing outside a shop front.  There are wares hanging up with signs on them.
Workers Outside the Grocers Shop Lipton's


Discussion Ideas

  • What do you think was sold in this shop?
  • Make a list of the different kinds of shops people usually buy their food from today?
  • How many children work at the shop?
  • Are they boys or girls?
  • What kind of jobs do you think they would have done?
  • Do you think the boys enjoyed their job?
  • Have you heard of Liptons? If you haven't ask someone elderly what they can remember about Lipton's.
  • Find out what Lipton's sell today.