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Feet On The Ground: The Traveller Stopping-Place and the City

Feet On The Ground is a long-term, participatory art and research project about the traditional Gypsy and Traveller "stopping-place". A "stopping-place" is an unofficial camp; a place where Gypsies and Travellers traditionally stayed, from a few days to a few months. Despite the popular image of a Romany wagon in a country lane, stopping-places exist in cities too, and are an important but sometimes hidden part of the heritage of Leeds. These stopping-places show Travelling people's long history in Leeds, and their sense of identity and belonging to the city. 


The community have mapped and researched old stopping-places; visited the locations where they used to be; and recorded the thoughts and memories of people who used to stay there. At every location we visited, we collected a handful of earth, to mark the place as important and meaningful. These were displayed in copper boxes as part of a community display in Leeds City Museum.


Discover their stories in this short film.


Feet On The Ground is led by artists Delaine Le Bas, Vanessa Cardui, Rudi Holmes and Grace O'Neill, with members of Leeds GATE, a membership organisation for Gypsy and Traveller people in Leeds. Feet On The Ground is supported by funding from Leeds Inspired, part of Leeds City Council.