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Charity Work for the War Effort

WW1 Themed Museum Exhibits

It appears that there was a school museum at Dr Williams' School, made up of objects loaned or donated by staff and students. Gifts to the museum recorded in the July 1915 School magazine included:

  • A piece of the Bell of Nieuport Cathedral in Belgium
  • A Belgian Railway ticket
  • Biscuit, as supplied to our Soldiers
  • Swallows Egg and Staghorn Moss.


DWS School Magazine July 1915
DWS School Magazine July 1915

Other gifts to the museum, noted in the school magazine of February 1916, included cartridges taken from a Turkish soldier in Gallipoli and 'curiosities' from Bolivia.

DWS School Magazine Feb 1916
DWS School Magazine Feb 1916

The school magazine of July 1917 records the following items donated to the museum:

pressed flowers, shells from Harlech beach, an emu's egg from Australia and a replica of Lusitania medal. 

DWS School Magazine July 1917
DWS School Magazine July 1917


Bombardment - a strong and repeated attack on an enemy
Exhibits - a collection of objects on public display
Lusitania - the name of a large passenger ship that was torpedoed and sunk by a German submarine in 1915, killing over 1,000 people on board
Zeppelin - a large German airship used for bombing the enemy