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Teachers' Notes

Resource created by the Council for British Archaeology


This learning story contains suite of sessions and resources that can be used separately or as a whole. 


Aims of Resource

  • To learn about archaeology and about the importance of remaining WW1 Home Front sites.
  • To  encourage the recording of WW1 sites to ensure their long-term preservation.


Everything needed to use this learning story is available on the resource page, including  all the illustrations, images and activity cards.


Curriculum Links

  • KS2 History:  Local History Study
  • KS2 (Northern Ireland): The World Around Us


When people think of the First World War they often think of trenches and fighting in France and Belgium. However, the remains of the First World War are all around us and the effect of the War on the Home Front is often overlooked. 


As a result, Home Front sites throughout the UK remain to be rediscovered and recorded.  These can be in both urban and rural environments.  The Home Front Legacy project gives you the opportunity to record and preserve remaining First World War Home Front sites in your local area.


It is important to consider that once sites are destroyed, they are lost forever.  


Discussion and Activity Ideas

There are more activity ideas on each page of this resource.
  • What is archaeology and what do archaeologists do? Students could write their ideas on post-it notes or collect class ideas on the board.
  • Complete a similar activity on 'What do we know about WW1?'
  • Why do archaeologists record WW1 buildings?  
  • Do you think it is important to record sites before they are destroyed?  Why / why not?


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