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Introduction and Overview

The British Civil Wars were a series of conflicts which occurred throughout England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland during the 17th century. While the event is commonly known as the English Civil War, it should be seen as a wider conflict, as it extended beyond England to Wales, Scotland, and Ireland.

There was also not only one civil war, but three over the course of a decade. Thus we use the term British Civil Wars. The series of conflicts are also known as The Great Rebellion, The English Revolution, and the Wars of the Three Kingdoms.

These civil wars stemmed from disagreements between the Crown and Parliament about how England, Scotland, and Ireland should be governed. The period of conflict saw the trial and execution of a king, the formation of a republic in England, and the subjugation of Ireland. Under the Commonwealth period that followed, the three kingdoms were united under a single government for the first time, the first written constitution was created, and the first national standing army was formed.